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  • The Maids North York

Exceptional Housekeeping with Healthiness and Detail in Mind

Cleaning Company in North York, ON - choose the Maids Housekeeping is important to any home, no matter where you live. It creates a good first impression, gives you more energy, helps maintain a healthier living environment, and helps prolong the life of all items in the home. You should not have to be embarrassed when it comes to visitors, nor should you suffer from a messy environment. The Maids of North York focuses on thorough, healthier cleaning and sanitation services for the North York, Markham, and Aurora areas of Canada.

Enjoy These Great Benefits:

  • Receive thorough, detailed cleaning results driven by the healthiness and sanitization of your home
  • Get coverage on all rooms in the home, no matter how many floors or levels you have
  • Get the results without any missed, neglected, or forgotten areas
  • Satisfaction from double checked results by a team supervisor
  • Obtain safer cleaning from using environmentally friendly cleaning tools and products
  • And much more!

If you struggle to maintain a clean home due to work, school, kids, family, events, gatherings, errands, or any other busy activities; a maid service may be what you need. Our company ensures 100% satisfaction and is driven by providing superior results to you and/or your family.

10 Reasons to Choose the Maids of North York

  1. Uniformed, licensed, bonded, insured, prequalified, pre-screened, and highly trained team members
  2. Efficient, detailed housekeeping from our 22 Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System
  3. Thorough results from the use of a 4-person team strategy
  4. Floors cleaned and sanitized on hands and knees
  5. Wall décor dusted and cleaned
  6. Dishes cleaned
  7. Dirty laundry thrown into the washing machine
  8. Fresh linens on all beds
  9. We only use environmental-friendly tools and supplies
  10. Results are 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction

Flexible Cleaning Services

With The Maids of North York, you can use our maid services anytime for things like on-call jobs, emergency cleanups, routine housekeeping, or even special projects. You get affordable, thorough results from a company you can trust!

Routine housekeeping services can be anytime you like, including:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly
  • Or even bi-monthly

Regardless of the services you choose, we are dedicated to making your home as clean and as healthy as possible. Get results that are done right the first time and are deep down into the cracks, crevices, gaps, and hidden areas. Above all, you’ll get many additional services that other companies won’t provide!


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